Company Profile

Al-Rafeeda Company was established in 1996 in Libya, based in Benghazi, where we import the spare parts of cars, trucks and oils. The import work started from Europe (Germany) in 2002 to the present day, We have gained trust in dealing with the largest international companies in the import of auto spare part,We have branches in all the areas of Libya and in 2010 we opened many branches in Tripoli .
Our company imports the finest types of auto parts, including all kinds of German oils with high specifications for the latest car models.....

It is the exclusive agent of NE Germany , ELRING Germany , GATES & AT Germany in Libya beside other European companies

Do you want your car to be in good condition and strong? How to make your car work better ...?
Why do some cars continue to work well while other cars of the current year model do not ...?
Regular care of the car and selection of original spare parts for the car ...?

Where can you get original spare parts and approved?

You can find it at ALRAFEEDA Company for import of cars spare parts for and oils products.